”We would highly recommend the use of genetic colour testing to any alpaca breeder who is interested in increasing the predictability of colour in their breeding
decisions. Finding those EE aa alpacas has been extremely useful as has identifying hidden grey. The latter has helped us avoid breeding decisions which may have resulted in less desirable outcomes such as BEW progeny and thus prevented a wasted year of breeding for that female. A very worthwhile investment.”
Barbara & Paul Hetherington / Beck Brow Alpacas

”I have found colour testing my herd to be extremely valuable. Knowing the genetic colour of my alpacas allows me to refine breeding decisions in order to both pursue favorable colours and avoid producing colours I desire less.”

Kim Murray / Capital Alpaca

”This new test has been an instrumental tool in refining our breeding programme. Colour uniformity is a primary objective to us and being able to identify the alpacas with a stronger black genetic background has helped us reduce the number of non-black progeny and reduce risk when we combine it with our embryo transfer programme. This test is definitely worth the money and we plan to continue using it with each generation.”
Tim Hey / Inca Alpaca