No refunds will be done for services delivered according to the information being given / agreed. 

Delivery of the Alpaca DNA Colour Test and ISAG STR Parentage Test- services

Futuregen and it´s partner, Neogen Europe Ltd will deliver the service within the given timeframe. Test kits will be shipped to the customer after the order and the payment has been completed by the customer. The postal times generally vary between 2-10 workdays depending on the country. The customer will be informed once the samples have been posted via email together with the instructions and documents that will be needed to ship the samples to Neogen after sampling.

The customer will get informed, when the samples have been received at Neogen Scotland. As all the alpaca genomics testings are carried out at Neogen´s Australian laboratory, at least 24 samples are needed at Neogen Scotland to create a batch of samples for single shipment to Australia. After such a batch of samples have been created, the testing reports will be provided in no more than 30 business days. As getting the results can take a while, it is important to think and act in advance, if possible.

Sample failure

A QC (Quality Control) check will be carried out at Neogen after the samples have been received. Any samples that will be rejected from testing will not be charged and new kits should be ordered from Futuregen. If the client decides not to carry out new sampling, then they will receive the refund according to the number of samples that will be tested (in other words, if there was a volume discount received, then this will be reviewed if it still applies after the rejection of samples in a quality check). The cost of the sampling kit used will still apply for the failed samples, so the amount of 0,85€ (+ VAT) / FTA Blood Card or 3,50€ (+ VAT) / Ovine Nasal Swab will be deducted before the refund is being made. 

Why do samples fail?

Sometimes it is possible that samples may fail. Due to the volume of samples received, number of lab processes and unknown environmental and other factors associated with the animal and sample collection we cannot always say why samples fail; most look perfectly fine but still fail and this can be for a variety of reasons. When the samples have completed all stages of processing in the lab, they will be chargeable. Please find the ‘Common causes of sample failure’- fact sheet for further details below.

(please attach the sheet underneath the text above)

Incomplete results

Sometimes there can be markers that are not calling, i.e. not giving a response / result, even when others are. In this case you will get incomplete results from your animal. The reason for this is unknown. No refunds will apply in this case, as the sample has gone through all the stages of processing. Retest for these samples can be made with the cost of 35€ / sample (+ VAT if applied). These will be invoiced separately. (Please note that this means the same sample that gave the incomplete results.) If a new sample is going to be taken from the animal for testing, this would have the normal cost rate to it.