We offer a range of consultancy services that can compliment the alpaca fleece colour test. This work is carried out our sister company Humisevan Harju (Wuthering Heights Alpacas)

My goal is to help the client identify their strengths and resources to reach their goals. As tools, depending on the service, need and budget, we can use  live / remote meetings/farm visits and telephone consultations. I implement different reports and written plans for farms, depending on the need. My work is 100% confidential and I also have a versatile international network of various experts in the field with whom I can collaborate with.

The following items can be carried out either on your farm or remotely:

– Mapping and planning of spaces and frameworks to suit your activities. (Regarding regulations and permits related to structures and construction, you should turn to experts in the construction industry.)
– Business plans / assisting with them.
– Evaluation of the structure and wool quality of the alpacas, which can be carried out either live or remotely. Includes report.
– Breeding plans and programme.
– In connection with farm visits, there is also the opportunity to use an inexpensive photography service, e.g. for photographing animals and wool for marketing purposes. The images are lightly processed on a computer and sent to the customer’s email.
– Tailored training and expert services for the needs of companies in different fields.

Carita Saarinen, the entrepreneur of Humisevan Harju and Futuregen, offers support for a wide range of needs, with long experience, a friendly attitude and versatile experience of working in the field.

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