The advantages of the Alpaca DNA Colour Test:

Helps breeders to predict and breed towards any desired colours. Especially useful for black and grey breeders to help identifying the right animals.

The only real way of reducing the risks of BEW (blue eyed white) progeny, except not breeding!

As a buyer you can ask for this information before the purchase and reduce the expensive guesswork! The buyers may also ask this from you when they are looking out for new breeding stock. Having the data available then will make sure you will not miss out on the possible sale due to the lack of that data, as getting the results does take a while.

Instead of wasting years in predicting what colours would your breeding stock carry in their genes – You can add this test to your tool box and test your young stock annually, even before they reach maturity.

You can buy a bundle where both of the tests (Colour and Parentage) can be taken from the same blood sample placed on the provided FTA card.

We welcome individual breeders to submit samples, groups of breeders or alpaca associations who wish to compliment their pedigree register and/or screening programme with DNA perentage verification.


To read more about the science behind the test, please click here

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