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Our test kits for Alpaca Coat Colour Testing and DNA Parentage Verification are easy for owners to use and submit, keeping sampling costs and time to a minimum.

  • Alpaca DNA Fleece Colour Test

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  • ISAG Alpaca STR Parentage Test

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  • Alpaca DNA Colour & ISAG Alpaca STR Parentage Test – Bundle

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Find DNA Colour Tested
Herds In Europe


DNA Colour testing in alpacas is becoming a routine activity in Europe as breeders realise the value the test report offers to their breeding programme.

Many breeding and selection decisions are encompassing alpaca DNA colour tests as they have proven to increase progeny predictability and improve herd performance.

Knowing where to find herds that are testing is a great importance and our interactive map will help you identify where to look:

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Why Colour Test Your Alpacas


To determine the background colour genetics in your herd and to add value


Identity mutations or uncertain patterns such as the grey gene


To make advanced breeding and informed purchase decisions


Increase progeny predictability in all colours including grey


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